Modern cars are equipped with safety and driver assistance systems, such as lane departure warning camera (LDW, LCA), road sign recognition camera, night vision camera (NightVision), interval safety camera (City Safety), active cruise, adaptive cruise control, ConnectingDrive , EyeSight, rain and light sensors, etc. After replacing the windshield, calibration must be performed to ensure that the cameras perform their functions correctly and accurately.

Our service center has the necessary devices for calibrating cameras and sensors on various glass and car models from 2000 to 2020 car models. After replacing the windshield, we will calibrate the cameras and sensors to restore the parameters to what they were before the glass was replaced. This will ensure proper camera operation and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) system functionality.


Static calibration.

The calibration procedure is performed in the premises of the service center after the replacement of the windshield, using ADAS diagnostic equipment and calibration stand and panels (targets) of different car brands.

Price: Static calibration € 75.00 incl. computer diagnostics and clearing error codes.

Dynamic calibration.

The calibration procedure is performed while the vehicle is moving with the attached diagnostic tool ADAS. The procedure consists of two stages: calibration in the service center room (static) and along a public road with a high-quality dividing strip (dynamic).

Price: Dynamic calibration € 75.00. incl. computer diagnostics and error code clearing.