SIA AUTO-GLASS.LV offers the service


  • a specially-equipped cars and the most professional masters in Latvia.
  • these are top-class masters, certified in the largest centers of Europe, including the companies "PILKINGTON" and "Proglass".

MOBILE AUTO GLASS SERVICE comfortable solution:

  • You don’t have to wait while the glass to be installed;
  • You do not need to bring and then collect your car at a car service;
  • You save your time - installation of auto glass is possible at a time convenient for you from 10 to 18 ;
  • Your glass will be replaced anywhere in Riga, you do not need to look for a car service;
  • You are provided with a guarantee for the services of SIA AUTO-GLASS.LV.

The cost of installation is more expensive than in our car service, only 10 euro; A requirement is the presence of a warm (from + 10gr) and bright garage, which would be spacious enough to open the side doors of the car.