Headlights and windows polishing

The specialized auto glass service SIA "AUTO-GLASS.LV" performs polishing of the side, rear and windshields, as well as polishing the headlights using American technologies.

Auto glass polishing

When polishing car glass, such important characteristics as transparency, the original shine are restored, which are lost during the operation of the car. Removal of plaque, wiping from the wiper blades and shallow vertical scratches left on the side windows as a result of the ingress of small dust particles into the anthers and door seals. Grinding is carried out using several types of pastes and wheels according to the principle of reducing the degree of abrasiveness; at the last stage, processing is carried out manually using non-abrasive substances. Glass polishing price from 35.00 euros (1 scratch) to 100.00 euros (whole glass surface)

Headlight polishing

If you are not allowed to pass at the inspection claiming that your headlights are too cloudy, then this is a sure sign that it is time to polish the headlights. Nowadays, modern headlights are mainly made of plastic, as it is stronger and more resistant to mechanical stress. However, even plastic wears out over time and becomes cloudy. Frayed and scratched headlights not only spoil the car’s appearance, but also significantly reduce the efficiency of road lighting. Polishing can restore transparency to your headlights. Headlight polishing is a responsible and time-consuming process. Our masters will return your headlights to their former beauty and transparency in the shortest possible time. Headlight polishing price € 15.00-€ 20.00.