Windshield Repair

The specialized auto glass service SIA "AUTO-GLASS.LV" carries out work on repairing cracks, stopping cracks, repairing chips using American technology using special polymer fillers. While replacing the windshield is a much safer option in most cases, sometimes it is more economical to repair it. To achieve optimal results, it is undesirable for any foreign contamination to enter the crack or chip, such as dirt, moisture, dust, etc. Moisture combined with temperature action leads to expansion and enlargement of cracks. All kinds of contaminants can make it difficult to seal potholes in the glass, as a result of which, at the end of work, visible traces can remain at the damaged sites. In this regard, we can conclude that chips and all kinds of cracks must be eliminated as soon as possible from the time of their occurrence.

Types of damage to auto glass.
  • Cracks. They are straight or broken lines diverging along the glass. Cracks can be located on one side of the auto glass or be penetrating, i.e. affect the inner and outer surfaces. They can also grow, so cracks must be repaired as soon as possible after they appear.
  • Stars - long cracks extending radially from the point of damage. "Stars" grow over time and should be removed as soon as possible.             
  • Bulls-eye. This type of damage is characterized by the presence of target-like circular cracks. In most cases, such defects can be repaired, but they cannot always be completely eliminated. If a large Bullseye appears on the glass, obstructing the driver’s vision, the glass should be replaced. Bullseye can transform into Sprockets and Cracks, so this defect must be repaired, even if it does not prevent the driver from seeing the road.
  • Chips. Mostly they represent small violations of the integrity of the surface of auto glass. Do not hit the glass through and through.