Car windows tinting

Masters in the specialized auto glass service SIA "AUTO-GLASS.LV" will tint the windows on your car using American Suntec films. Thanks to the confidence in the highest quality of this film, we give a 5-year warranty for car glass tinting. Only here: the film does not fade, does not form bubbles, it does not peel off throughout the entire life of the car.

Beware of cheap counterfeits.

The main disadvantage of cheap films is that they have an insufficient degree of cleaning of the base on which the coloring layer is applied. This leads to a deterioration in the view inside the car, although the outside view of the low-quality car tinting is the same. In addition, after approximately 6 months of use, burnout, flaking and flaking begins.


Why tint you car windows?

  • First of all, safety - toning increases the safety of the driver and passengers. After the tint film is glued to car windows, the strength of the glazing increases - the glass is harder to break. But, if, as a result of an accident or hooliganism, the auto glass is still broken, it will not spill out, and all the fragments will remain securely glued to the film. High-quality tint films absorb sun glare and neutralize the glare of headlights of oncoming cars. This reduces eye strain on the driver and makes driving more pleasant and comfortable.
  • Prevent fading upholstery
  • Perfectly hide everything that happens in the car from prying eyes. If by the nature of your activity you are always in sight, then tinted glass will help you get rid of unnecessary attention to your person.  
  • Reduce fuel consumption in the summer by reducing the load on the air conditioner, because tinted glass contributes to less heating of the passenger compartment. And in winter, fuel consumption is reduced due to the slower cooling of the passenger compartment, and less energy is used to heat the car. Therefore, car tinting can reduce fuel costs.
Windows Films specifications :
  • HP05 series- /5% Visible Light Transmission/ 99% UV Protection/ "very dark"
  • HP15 series- /14% Visible Light Transmission/ 99% UV Protection/ "dark"
  • HP20 series- /22% Visible Light Transmission/ 99% UV Protection/ "enough dark for a sedan and medium enough for a jeep (most popular)"
  • HP30 series- /29% Visible Light Transmission/ 99% UV Protection/ "medium dark"
  • HP50 series- /52% Visible Light Transmission/ 99% UV Protection/ "light dark"

We remind you that according to CSDD requirements, film density restrictions are imposed only on the windshield, driver’s door glass and front passenger glass. All other windows of the car are not subject to any restrictions.